F1 Computer Services offers the home user to business networks quick and complete answers to their hardware and software needs. Making the consultant available to our customers via cell-phones, email, and remote connections, issues can sometimes be solved without a trip charge, saving time and money.

If your computer is running slowly, you may have unneeded software running that consumes resources. Sometimes increasing RAM or replacing an old component can increase the longevity of a computer, instead of buying a new one.

To contact us for any computer issue you might encounter, phone numbers are located on the “How To Reach Us” page link on the left, and an email address link is at the bottom of each page, as well as a link on the left.

The “Useful Tips” link offers assistance for the number one issue today, malware.

The “Sites To Check Out” page provides some sites to look for good free, or inexpensive software. As we find useful sites, we add them to this page.

We have added a page we hope will be very useful to our clients. The “Keyboard Shortcuts” page is just what the name says. This page will contain as many shortcuts as we can find. So bookmark this page in case your mouse goes dead! It may just save your day!!

Our “Chat Symbols & Meanings” gives you a listing of abbreviations and “smileys”. It‘s all fun so check it out!

All you need to think of when you need “Help” is F1!

E-mail: F1 Computer Services