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Team Viewer - Remote control any Windows computer or Mac over the internet. Free for private use. Microsoft Security Essentials is free and designed to be simple to install and easy to use. It runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you don't have to worry about interruptions or making updates. Guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Provides real-time protection for your home or small business PCs.
Net Lingo defines hundreds of computing terms. Focused on the online and web communities, the site keeps track of the buzzwords that you'll run into most often in cyberspace. It also features sections on emoticons and smileys, as well as a special listing of newly added words. There's even a new pocket dictionary floating window so you can keep the netlingo list of terms handy as you surf the net. AVG Antivirus
A free virus program that boasts 100% detection rate. AVG anti-virus system is continuously certified by independent icsa laboratories. AVG virus alert network will bring you the latest information, the virus alerts, announcement of the latest AVG featuresthrough your email on regular basis and absolutely free of charge.
Need a device driver? Try looking here.
Tweak 3D
Lots of tweaking tips for hardware and software. A must visit for gamers! is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows.
Want to know what the facts are on viruses? Check out this site for the truth about them.
Barry MacDonnell's Toolbox for WordPerfect
A great place for WordPerfect users to get information on macros, templates, links and more.
Mega Converter
Have you ever needed to convert measurements? Just about everything you would ever want to convert is here!
Gibson Research Corp.
Test your computer to see how vulnerable it is to attack on the internet! A must visit site for everyone!
Magellass Corp.
Authors of Winboost and many other Windows tweaking utilities. Winboost offers more setting changes than any other program. Some great some not great. Not freeware.
This site offers 3 utilities for Win98. One to keep ie from melding with Win98 on a clean install, one to remove ie from an existing Win98 system, and one that installs the Win95 explorer shell on Win98. Don't buy the lie!
gif construction set
Do you create webpages? Want to make animated graphics for your site? This little program does it for you and does it well. Could be the best $25 bucks you ever spent!
PO Box
Routes your e-mail so if you change service providers, you don't need to change your e-mail address
Do you get email? Want to know whether what you are reading is true or not? Try here!
Spybot Search & Destroy can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer. AND it's free.
Download Accelerator Plus
DAP is fully integrated into your browser. Users report up to 300% faster downloads. Simple installation procedure. The software is available free of charge. DAP will find the closest servers to you, and it supports: multi-server downloads, error recovery, proxy, and many other features.
Active Network wants to be the only resource guide for Windows, no matter which flavor of Windows you may be running in fact, it's even a useful resource for the Microsoft Xbox and dvd players. The Windows sections provide bug fixes, service packs, critical and recommended patches, and system tools. We especially like that the site keeps users informed with up-to-the-minute bulletins on the home page, telling you when new downloads are available and what new bugs to watch out for.
Freeware Asylum has lots of programs and utilities to make your computing life a little easier.
Bart PE gives you a complete Win32 environment with network support, a graphical user interface (800x600) and FAT/NTFS/CDFS filesystem support. Very handy for burn-in testing systems with no OS, rescuing files to a network share, virus scan and so on. This will replace any Dos bootdisk in no time!
PC Tools Windows Guides
The network has three main parts: a registry guide, a scripting guide, and a security guide. The registry guide is certain to be useful for keeping PC's in fine form. And be sure to visit the security guide to find out about the esoteric ways in which your computer could be vulnerable to hackers.
Ad-Aware software seeks out "spyware" on your computer. The basic version is free! If you want more features, we recommend purchasing the plus version. The small fees are one way to recoup a small amount of the monthly expenses required to continue providing the free versions of their applications. is an open source, community-developed office productivity suite. It includes key desktop applications such as word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and drawing programs. An open source version of StarOffice, is a multi-platform suite and runs on the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment, Microsoft Windows, and the Linux platforms. It works with a variety of file formats, including Microsoft Office. Available at no cost, this open source productivity software is ideal for small businesses, schools, or any organization that runs mixed operating systems. That's right, FREE!!!
Windows Support Center
Just about any Windows issue can be referenced here. James A. Eshelman has done a wonderful job providing so much information for everyone to access.
NoteTab is an awesome Notepad replacement. You can have multiple tabs, and dozens of other features. There is a free version also to check out.
PowerDesk is file management done right. There is a free, express version which is convenient, and packed with features. The full program offers everything you always wish Explorer could do but couldn't! Zone Labs offers free firewall security. Want to know if someone is trying to get into your computer? Use this.
Spy Checker
Not sure if the free software you are about to download is in fact a so called Spyware, or adware or otherwise advertising enhanced product that installs additional third party components on your system? Go here first! has definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words. EmailAbuse,org is dedicated to informing users of this potential abuse and providing them with the tools to avoid becoming a victim and to fight back at Email Abusers!
Need a boot disk for any reason? THIS is where you get it.
Answers That Work has this page for all programs that might be running in the Task List. Check out those programs or services running on your system here to see if you really need them or not.
Chrome is the better browser. Stop messing with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Memtest86 is a thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers.
Empty Temp Folders helps you manage folders that contain temporary files left over by other applications. It's easy to add any folder and you can empty a folder (or all folders) with one click or automate the task completely.

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