Dear Ryan,

As I am sitting here thinking about what to write, I canít help but laugh at all my great memories. You and I were always able to think of some creative, fun, sometimes- mischievous activity to do. We have been through so much together, both positive and negative, but through it all in the end our love for each other was as strong as ever. As brothers we were always able to tell each other everything. Every good thing, bad thing, funny thing or sad thing, there was always an open ear on the other end of the phone ready to listen and lend advice. There was nothing about each otherís lives we didnít know.

I could have never imagined that this day would come. You and I had always talked of growing old together, building our houses on the same piece of land so we could be close, going on family vacations with each other and having our kids play together. We were a team and we wanted to spend as much time on this earth together as possible. I still feel the same way knowing that you are always going to be with me. No matter where I go, what I do or how I do it, you will always be there.

I tried to be the best brother I could to you. When life was at its worst, I always was there to support you and try to lend my help. I never gave up, and I know you realized that. I appreciate how we were able to lean on each other when times got bad, but that is what brothers are for. The two of us could have made it through anything together.

I already miss you more than anybody could realize. I miss seeing you every day, being able to talk to you whenever I want. Asking you questions, getting your advice. Calling to see if you want to watch the game together. Knowing when I needed somebody to talk to, you were there. I miss talking business with you. Getting each other pumped up for what was about to happen. We were like two little kids. Always thinking up new ideas, laughing, scheming, making plans for the future. I promise you I will follow through on our dream, and until that dream is achieved, I will not quit. All of my heart and soul will be put into it.

I am so thankful that all your worries have subsided. You no longer have any more problems, no more pain, nothing to ever worry about again. That is the beauty of Godís grace, and something we should all strive for. I am thankful that you and dad are together. I can only imagine what you two are doing right now, but something tells me you are thinking up some new idea, teasing somebody or shooting hoops.

Ryan you are my best friend. You always have been and always will be. Nobody can ever replace what we had together. I long for the day when we can be together again. I want you to rest peacefully knowing that I will take care of your family to the best of my ability. I will care for them the way you would have. Daniel will know what a great man you were. I will fill his head with all my memories of you. I will let him know how proud you were of him. I will give him fatherly advice and do my best to lead him in the right direction. I will treat him as my own. I do this knowing you would have done the same for me.

I love you man. I love you more than anybody could ever know. I know where you are, and that everything is all good, but that canít take away this empty feeling I have in my heart. I know you are with dad and you two are looking down, eagerly awaiting my arrival. Soon enough I will be there to once again join the team. This is not good- bye, just see ya later., You will always be in my thoughts and prayers, not a day will pass without you in my mind. I love you Ryan... you always will be my main man.

Love, Justin